J’Dan Pump Track


J’Dan pump track was named after the tragic accident of one of our own young man from the village, Jaydon, who sadly with his friend Dan lost their lives in a tragic accident in Spain. Jayden was keen to see the village have its own skate park, something I pursued many years ago now, sadly that wasn’t to happen in his time. It seemed a fitting tribute therefore to name the track after them both, hence J’Dan, to always remind us of two fun loving wonderful young men who will now be remembered for many years to come.

Several residents and our Chairman Simon Langley,  liaised with the local young people in the village who brought up the idea of a pump track.  Following this meeting a group was formed to try to raise money for a pump track. We already had outlying permission to build a skate park where we see the pump track today, but this pump track idea appeared to be a better investment and something every form of wheeled vehicle could use whether it was a skateboard, scooter, or push bike. The group together with Puriton Parish Council managed to raise the funds to build and maintain for the next ten years the pump track we see now. We would especially like to thank Viridor and Villages Together for funding the pump track for Puriton Parish and Woolavington, we have been sponsored by Viridor and Villages together approximately £114000 without them none of this would have been possible, we would like to thank all of our sponsors for making a dream come true for our young people.

We would also like to thank Velosolutions for the amazing design and creation of this incredible track, thank you Tom, Edd and their team you truly have created a fantastic track!

Behind every project there are a team of people, volunteers, who work tirelessly to achieve the seemingly unachievable and make the J’Dan pump track happen. They are the back room boys and girls of the pump track group, who have worked so hard to get this thing off the ground.  The Parish Council and Pump Track working group would like to thank Puriton Playing Fields, especially Judith Fletcher for her assistance and support.

The Pump Track opening event on 24th July was a wonderful event where residents and visitors could see the young people take to the track to show us their skills.  Not only was the event a fantastic opportunity for the village to celebrate together after a period of difficulty for the country as a whole but to remember the two young men, Jayden and Dan who will never be forgotten!

The Pump Track is available for everyone to use and is open every day from 9am until the sun goes down.




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