Hinkley Point-EDF

Hinkley Point & EDF

EDF Energy has been given the go ahead by the Government to build the first new nuclear power station in the UK for a generation at Hinkley Point. The constuction process is expected to take 10 years and will directly impact on Puriton and a large number of towns and villages in the wider area.

At the Parish Council meeting on 12th July 2016 representatives from EDF gave a presentation on the planned Park & Ride Scheme at junction 23, due to be in use September 2018. The site is temporary and will only be used throughout the construction of Hinkley Point C. The Park and Ride, and its buildings, will then be removed and the area restored to its current use, although the area will potentially be subject to other planning applications.

It is stated that the Park & Ride facility will be used to transport both the Hinkley Point workforce and freight, but the level of traffic using the site will be controlled. A comprehensive traffic management system is in place, which includes installation of automatic number plate recognition cameras on designated roads between M5 junctions 23 and 24, Bridgwater and Hinkley Point. The system is designed to track HGVs and will control the release of vehicles to the network and prevent them straying onto local roads.

Now that the connection between HPC and the national grid has been approved, it has been confirmed (Sept 2016) that EDF/Hinkley Point will issue a proposed construction timeline in the next few months. Representatives will also arrange to attend a Parish Council meeting to talk through developments, date to be confimred.

If you have any questions on the development please make contact with the Customer Relations Helpline on 0800 377 7347.

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