Report on the Police Drop in session at the Clist Room 2.10.23

Please see the notes and guidance from the community meeting held on 2.10.23.

Please do not email or call the PCSO to report an incident, this must be done via 101 or on the online portal.

Once reported the incident will be given a crime number this can be sent to our local PCSO’s or the Parish Clerk who will forward the details to Georgia and Ben, so they are aware of on-going incidents in the village if they are off duty.

When reporting an incident please take photos or a video on your phone of the incident showing the culprits.  The Police need evidence and without it is pointless.  An incident that has been witnessed by 2 people who can identify the perpetrators will also provide the Police with adequate evidence.

The Police confirmed that it is lawful to film anyone (even if they are a minor) who is causing danger in a public place and you are not breaking any law by doing so, whatever the individual doing damage or causing danger is.  The Police can do very little without evidence.

Please document any anti-social behaviour and report it to the Police, this is the only way this behaviour will stop.

The Police are aware of the anti-social incidents and the robbery that has taken place.  They will patrol the village more often.  The clerk will look into the availability of self-defence classes for those who wish to attend.

They will only report back to the victim of the crime, due to GDPR they are not able to inform the village as a whole but the Parish Council will remain in regular contact for a general report and what has taken place.

The Police have recommended a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and the Parish Council welcome volunteers who would be interested in starting one or co-ordinating the group.

The more evidenced reports received the higher the prospect of ending the mindless chaos the village is experiencing.

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