Somerset Alliance Open Mental Health asks people to Open Up About Anxiety this Mental Health Awareness Week

[Open Mental Health press release for Mental Health Awareness Week]


Time to open up about feelings of anxiety.

A Somerset mental health alliance is urging people with anxiety to open a conversation about their feelings.

Open Mental Health (OMH), which provides round-the-clock support to adults in Somerset, has made the plea ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week.

It says that while anxiety is a normal emotion, it can sometimes get out of control and is one of the most common mental health problems we face.

Anxiety is the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, which runs from May 15-21.

Juliet Lyon CBE, Independent Chair of OMH, said: “Everyone feels anxious at certain times – it’s how we respond to feeling threatened, under pressure or stressed.

“However, if those feelings become more intense, difficult to control and out of proportion to your circumstances, it can become a problem.

“That’s why it’s vital to talk about your feelings before they impact your ability to live your life.

“Talking to someone about the problem can help you understand your feelings, why you’re having them and how you can manage them.

“And, with anxiety the focus of Mental Health Awareness Week, this is the perfect opportunity to let people know they are not alone, and that support is available.”

Anxiety affects both your body and mind. It can give you feelings of dread, panic and irritability, as well as making you nauseous, dizzy and short of breath. You might also have difficulty sleeping.

OMH provides specialist support that can help adults in Somerset manage feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. This includes housing advice, peer support, debt and employment advice, volunteering opportunities, physical activity and eating disorder support.

Juliet added: “Being ‘open’ is at the centre of all we do.

“We are open minded about mental health and our door is always open to anyone who thinks they may need help or support.

“Don’t suffer in silence. Open up a conversation with us about how you are feeling – we can get you the support and advice that you need.”

You can either contact OMH directly or be referred by another service – for example, your GP or social worker. OMH’s expert, friendly staff will then work with you to tailor support to your needs.

Get in touch on OMH’s 24-hour support team at Mindline Somerset locally on 01823 276892 or freephone 0800138 1692 or email




Editors Notes

Open Mental Health is an alliance of local voluntary organisations, the NHS and social care, Somerset County Council, and individuals with lived experience of mental health.

The alliance works together to improve the way people in Somerset receive support with their mental health by providing access to a number of specialist services including NHS support, housing advice, debt and employment advice, volunteering opportunities, community activities, peer support and local exercise groups.

It aims to transform traditional model of care by making sure people’s needs are met to regardless of where they come into contact with services. This ‘no wrong door’ approach makes the system more efficient and ensures nobody falls through gaps in the system.

A key principle of the OMH approach is its work with ‘Experts by Experience Leaders’ – people who use their experience of mental illness and recovery journeys, to help others and shape services.

Its success was recognised in 2021, when Somerset NHS Foundation Trust – a key partner in the alliance – was named Mental Health Trust of the Year at the prestigious HSJ Awards, for its work with OMH.


For more information or if you would like to arrange an interview as part of Mental Health Awareness Week please contact Anna Hamilton by emailing

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