Community Arts Project – Polden Hills, Axbridge and Cheddar.

The Lady Garden


Who are we?

Established in 2015, we are a group of Artist performers passionate about making the creative arts accessible to all. As females, we have experienced both emotional and professional barriers, we aim to provide opportunities for people in rural communities across Sedgemoor to get creative, regardless of age or experience.  The project is focused on those isolated due to geography, transport, age or gender. It provides the chance to express themselves in a creative way linking to the allegations of witchcraft and associated trials during the 17th Century.


What can you expect?

Work with Artists and creative heritage professionals with a strong connection to Somerset – all living with families in this vibrant community and strong personal links to the Sedgemoor district.


Take part in any or all of the following workshops:

  • Creative writing
  • Singing & Harmonies
  • Arts & Crafts – Designing & making a Crankie (Appalachian storytelling device)
  • History Talks


The project will encourage attendees to consider:

Why were allegations of witchcraft made?

The Portrait of a Witch?

Who could have been a witch?

What was happening in society and did this have an impact?


If participants wish, there will be the opportunity to create a piece of music/writing/production with the help of professional performing artists in a sharing event at the final stage of the project.


How Much will it cost?

The project, commissioned by Seed Sedgemoor, means workshops are FREE to attend, with extra thanks to a number of funders from within Sedgemoor and Somerset.


Where will the workshops take place? 

The project is looking to focus on the network of parishes along The Poldens, Axbridge, Cheddar and the neighbouring parishes. Venues and light refreshments will be provided for workshops in accessible locations within these communities.


Who can attend?

If you live or have some association with these places we would love for you to be involved, and if you have an interest but don’t live in these areas, that is great too. There will be opportunities for all age groups and abilities and we are especially keen to support women, mothers and those with caring responsibilities. The sharing of your ideas and thoughts is what is important and how this relates to the lives of those accused of being a witch in days gone by, of which some sadly are not so far back in history.  Most people know more women than men were accused of witchcraft for many reasons and we would like our work to reflect this by focusing on women and those identifying as women.


Interested in being involved?

Please contact The Lady Garden by emailing for more information. Alternatively, contact Jacqui on 07864 051315 or Jess on 07793 150372


We are particularly interested in hearing from existing community groups, individuals and organisations who can help engage with the community by spreading the word.

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