Solutions on Tap – A Guide to Reducing Waste & Introducing Reusable Cup Schemes at Events

Available on the Refill website to download, this free guide has been created to support event producers in making the switch from single-use disposable cups to reusable drink-serving systems. As the much larger, mainstream festivals around the UK have already made positive in-roads to address this issue, this Guide will serve to specifically focus on targeting small-to-medium size events that have struggled to get started with reusable cups 🥂.


As a Scheme we ask you to share this far and wide within your networks, with local festival organisers, sustainability and environmental groups, bar companies, event producers, your local authority, and across social media #CutTheCups.


For those of our Refill Schemes that are run by Councils, we are grateful to have you on board, and thank you for your support in sharing the Guide with your colleagues in Events, Safety & Advisory and Licensing! We appreciate the dialogue will be continuous and dynamic as we work together to make these changes and welcome your ongoing feedback as to the barriers and frictions that continue to hinder making reusable cup schemes a reality. The web pages are full of case studies from Councils that are already making this happen, and we look forward to sharing these ongoing successes with you 🥂.


The Refill guide for events pages are filled with useful links including suggested suppliers, a savings calculator for carbon and waste, and a suite of posters ready to download, suitable for both levy, deposit and ‘customer-buys’ cup schemes!


Thanks to the many of you able to join the webinar session on Tuesday, providing plenty of feedback on events already taken place over the summer. These learning’s have contributed to a growing FAQ’s section that will be uploaded to the event pages shortly, with the recordings of the webinars posted to the Schemes Portal next week. And lastly, the Guide itself attached and ready to share!


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