Hinkley Point C smashes regional investment target and predicts 1,700 new jobs in next year

It is with real pride that we are today publishing Hinkley Point C’s 2021 Socio-Economic Impacts Report which can be read in full here.

Hinkley Point C will play a key role in helping the country move towards net-zero but it is also making a difference to people, the economy and the environment. With the country beginning to emerge from the pandemic our project is creating new jobs, delivering billions of pounds in investment to businesses across the country and helping to provide routes for training and skills development.

The report shows that we are meeting and often exceeding our targets for providing substantial benefit and opportunity to the South West region and the UK as a whole. In summary;

  • Spending with South-West based businesses has already hit £3.2 billion, more than twice the initial target of £1.5 billion set as the project began.
  • During construction, 71,000 jobs across Britain will be supported by the project which is now projected to deliver £18 billion into the wider UK supply chain.
  • Over 750 apprentices have been trained already as the project closes in on a target of 1,000.
  • 14,000 people have now been trained and assessed in facilities funded by Hinkley Point C.
  • The Construction Skills and Innovation Centre and Welding Centre of Excellence are helping local people get the skills they need to join the project.

Our significant investment in education and training means many of the future opportunities will be open to local people who have never worked in construction before. British businesses are also succeeding at Hinkley Point C, winning contracts and learning new skills and we look forward to working together with project partners to deliver a longer-term legacy from Hinkley Point C’s construction.

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