Stronger Somerset’s virtual sessions to build a new model for Adult and Childrens’ Services in the county

Stronger Somerset’s virtual sessions to build a new model for Adult and Childrens’ Services in the county


With the Government pressing ahead with its call for major change in the way public services are provided in Somerset, experts from across the region are coming together to help create a new way of delivering excellent, affordable and sustainable care for everyone.


The outcomes from this major engagement initiative will be included in the detailed Stronger Somerset proposals that will go to government in December.


The first sessions, which will include representatives from the NHS including GPs, charitable sector partners and groups representing service users and carers, are taking place online and will look at how care services can be transformed in Somerset to ensure children and adults have a better future and that they can be properly funded.


Future virtual sessions will cover how we can build a stronger economy in Somerset to create more jobs and opportunities for young people, how local communities can have a greater say in the issues that are important to them, and more.


And you can have your say by reading our exciting initial proposals for change at and sending us your comments.


Cllr Ros Wyke, Leader of Mendip District Council, said: “We now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the way that local government is delivered in Somerset. It’s a solution that takes the lead from and works with communities, towns and parishes to support its most vulnerable people. We need to take better care of everyone’s health and wellbeing, preventing poor physical and mental health and isolation in a way that is joined up with partners such as the NHS trusts, voluntary and community sectors, housing providers, GPs and police.


“The Stronger Somerset proposal, led by all four District Councils, offers a fresh start for our county. It is the chance to build a new way of delivering services to people and communities. The government will decide in the next few months how our local government will be reformed.  We are asking for your input to help create an ambitious and sustainable offer for the future of Somerset.


“We realise some of you may be asking ‘why now?’, particularly as we enter another period of restrictions for public safety due to Covid-19. Please be reassured that your district councils will continue to focus on supporting our communities through this pandemic crisis, and helping to lead the recovery. But we will also do all we can to make sure our credible, innovative and positive plan for change is on the table because change is needed.

“The County Council’s bid for a single Unitary for the whole of Somerset offers few solutions for the future and little for the challenge of care in our county which we had expected to see given the recent Ofsted inspection of its SEND services which identified worrying and significant failings. We are showing leadership by working in partnership to create a solution that will deliver.”


Central Government has confirmed it will make a decision next year on the future of local government in Somerset.


You can have your say and find out more on our website



This message has been released by South Somerset District Council on behalf of Mendip District Council, Sedgemoor District Council, and Somerset West and Taunton Council.




Stronger Somerset will ensure:


  • Every child starts well – currently 25% of children in Somerset live in poverty and more communities are experiencing deprivation
  • Every young person believes they can live well – many young adults leave the county to find opportunities elsewhere
  • Our older population ages well – there is a growing older population and we will ensure they are supported to live happy, healthy, independent lives
  • Our economy levels up and contributes nationally – we need to close the productivity gap and improves skills, wages and opportunities for green growth that everyone can benefit from as well as ensuring that our residents have a decent and affordable home.
  • Our transition to net zero carbon – reducing the effects of Somerset on climate change and protecting our communities from the effects of climate change such as flooding
  • Vital services are protected – we will create a model for local government where we can invest in services including arts & entertainment and our communities so that they can survive and thrive

We will achieve this by:


  • Strengthening relationships with local communities – ensuring councils that are close to the people they serve
  • Stronger communities with greater power – give more control to local people over the things that matter to them
  • A fresh start in Care – transformation of Children’s and Adults Social Care adopting the best of what works elsewhere
  • Two new councils for Somerset, to replace the four districts and the county council – ensuring people and communities are well represented in our large county
  • A Somerset West Council and a Somerset East Council will ensure a focus on the differing challenges, community identities and economic areas that exist in what is a large count; but which work together for the benefit of all of Somerset
  • Modern economy with new skills, higher wages to “level-up” society and ensuring housing genuinely affordable for local people
  • Devolution of powers and resources from Westminster – ensuring Somerset makes decisions for our economy and communities and can Level Up in Somerset, drive our economy forward and improve quality of life

Somerset deserves the best form of local government, not the cheapest and only Stronger Somerset will deliver this. The Stronger Somerset proposal is for a fresh start for local government in the county that will ensure better services, an improved economy and better quality of life.




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