Children’s flu vaccinations in Somerset benefit from RIVIAM’s new immunisations mobile application for school immunisations teams

Children’s flu vaccinations in Somerset benefit from RIVIAM’s new immunisations mobile application for school immunisations teams. The app enhances RIVIAM’s comprehensive immunisations eConsent service (IMAGE ATTACHED)

NEW DATE 2020 – RIVIAM Digital Care has launched its immunisations mobile application used by the school immunisation team in Somerset to transform the way they give children important vaccinations.

Existing customers of RIVIAM’s comprehensive eConsent immunisations service – Virgin Care in Bath and North East Somerset, Wiltshire and Devon and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust – are the first organisations to use the app for their children’s flu vaccination programme this autumn.


Suzy Mason, Team Leader at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust’s School-aged Immunisation Nursing Team, said: “Our team of nurses are very pleased to be able to use the mobile application as it’s much quicker and gives us that extra time to spend with children and schools.


“We’ve also found that the app is user friendly and our nurses find it easy to use. It’s a really safe way of storing all the vital consent information about each child and has also reduced our triage and administration time.


“Parents have also told us that they like the new online consent form as they find it quick and easy to complete online.”

With the app, immunisation nurses have secure access to clinic lists of children with their associated consents and triage history on their device. Clinics can be undertaken regardless of internet connection. When the app is online, it automatically updates the vaccination outcomes in RIVIAM. If RIVIAM is connected to a clinical system such as TPP SystmOne™, the outcomes are recorded in real time.

By removing all paper-based processes, there is less room for error because nurses have all the data they need for the child’s vaccination via the app on their device, improving patient safety. Administration time is reduced with automatic updates of the patient’s record, so nurses have more time to spend with children and there is no need for them to go back to base after clinics to record vaccination outcomes.

RIVIAM’s eConsent immunisations service enables organisations to digitise the entire immunisations process from beginning to end and is designed to improve the delivery of effective vaccination programmes for school-age children. Feedback from customers is that the system reduces clinical triage time by 90%, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The service includes:

  • eConsent websites for parents
  • Demographic check
  • Online triage and administration tools for service centres
  • The new mobile app for clinical management
  • Ability to update vaccination outcomes automatically to RIVIAM and the clinical system
  • Reporting and dashboards.

Key features of RIVIAM’s immunisations app include:

  • Clinic diary
  • Clinic list of children
  • Child’s consent and clinical history
  • Dynamic immunisation outcome tracking
  • Synchronised clinic lists across devices if multiple clinicians are working from the same clinic list and are connected to the internet
  • Automatic updating of outcome to RIVIAM and clinical systems.

The app is available for the Apple iPad and for Android devices.


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