SWP Latest update on recycling sites and collections

This is a quick note with the latest information on recycling sites from Monday 8 June and the current situation regarding collections.


Please also find attached the latest press release and  the summer timetable for recycling sites.


Recycling sites

From Monday 8 June, the following materials will be accepted at all 16 sites:

  • NEW: Plastic pots, tubs and trays (recycled in UK)
  • NEW: Small household electrical items (recycled in UK)
  • NEW: Paint (water-based recycled in UK; other paint landfilled in Somerset)
  • NEW: Man-made wood – chipboard, MDF, etc (recycled in UK)
  • NEW: Natural wood – untreated timber, tree trunks, etc. (recycled in UK)
  • Rubbish – material you would usually put in your black rubbish bin, excess black bags not taken by kerbside collections (landfilled in Somerset)
  • Bulky items, such as furniture and mattresses (landfilled in Somerset)
  • Garden waste (composted in Somerset)
  • Large household electrical items – white goods, TVs etc (recycled in UK)
  • Small household electrical items – irons, toasters etc (recycled in UK)
  • Hazardous household chemicals, such as solvents, garden chemicals, paint thinners and antifreeze (treated and disposed of in UK)
  • Cooking oil, in disposable containers of up to five litres (recycled in UK)
  • Engine oil, in disposable containers of up to five litres (recycled in UK)
  • Metals (recycled in UK)


Access restrictions

This week saw the end of the odds and even number plate access system. However, we will continue to highlight the likelihood of long waiting times due to social distancing measures, and the remaining restrictions on access include:

  • A maximum of two people per household will be permitted.
  • Gloves must be worn while outside your vehicle.
  • Strict social distancing must be adhered to.
  • Trailers and 3.5 tonne vans only between 4pm and 6pm on weekdays. Vans under 3.5 tonnes at all open times. Permits system in operation.


All the sites will continue on their standard summer opening hours. We will keep you updated ahead of further moves back to business as usual, including the point at which commercial waste can be accepted at sites.


Collection service update

Our recycling, rubbish and clinical waste collections have continued more or less undisrupted throughout the COVID-19 crisis, and all suspended services – including garden waste – resumed last month.


Everyone involved has been working hard to get performance back to where it should be, but there are some ongoing issues with collections and collection day information. Although affecting a small proportion of people, we appreciate that this is causing frustration for some. Extra staff are being used to address the problems and we expect performance to be where it should be by the middle of the month.


A long-planned transfer to a new contractor took place in the early days of the crisis. The current issues are largely down to challenges around integration of IT systems and reviewing of collection routes, coming on top of the disruption and increased levels of waste that COVID-19 has brought. Many more people than usual have been getting in contact so please bear with us if our response times are longer than they would usually be.

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