Sedgemoor District Council and Future of Local Government in Somerset

Sedgemoor District Council and the Future of Local Government in Somerset


The Leader of Sedgemoor District Council, Councillor Duncan McGinty, has never made a secret of his views – which are – that a unitary council for the county of Somerset would not serve our residents well and could mean cuts to services.  Additionally, he believes it would not make the savings that have been publicised in the past.


That withstanding, in the light of the current Covid19 Pandemic and the terrible impact the virus is having for many, many families and communities, he has remained completely resolute in not continuing work on any bid to Government regarding future local authority structures at this time.


During these unprecedented times, Cllr McGinty strongly believes that all local authority resources – money and staff time – should be focused on addressing the Covid19 virus and keeping our communities safe. For that reason, Sedgemoor has not been focussing or communicating anything further on the unitary debate over recent weeks.


Cllr McGinty wrote to all Sedgemoor members, Town and Parish Councils on 24th April conveying the above message.  He feels that despite some easing of the lockdown, little has changed and there new challenges facing Sedgemoor’s businesses, families and communities.  Therefore, Sedgemoor’s top priority remains the protection of our communities and rebuilding the local economy.



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