Importance of Link Road

I understand that there is some criticism circulating on social media of Gravity and Alun Griffiths in terms of the fact that we are still working on the Link Road.

Please can you advise the residents that we have an agreement that the reopening of Woolavington Road is deemed Critical Infrastructure and that all work is geared to (a) reopening Woolavington Road for the benefit of the communities and (b) securing the site for closure after Woolavington Road has been reopened

Kindest regards




Further to the above email.

I write to you with regards to the above.

To re-iterate this message I can confirm that after discussions with SCC Highways Cabinet Member John Woodman and his team, that based on the needs  needs for the residents to gain access along the  link road from Puriton to Woolavington and vice verse, It is deemed to be work is of enough importance for the communities so an gain access to the doctors surgery in Woolavington, and therefore to be able to continue the work as quickly as possible and to free up the diversion that is currently in place.

Kind regards


Mark Healey MBE. SCC. SDC. PP Councillor

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