Engagement Bulletin – 04 December 2019

Medical Help Card

We’ve created Medical Help Cards to encourage people to consider what services might be best for their health needs. We are sending these out across Somerset, including to hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies and libraries.

Their aim is to help people identify the right service for their needs first time in a handy size. If you would like to receive a small number of cards to display or hand out please email us on somccg.engagement@nhs.net.

Five Moments for Medication Safety

Do you, or someone you love, take prescribed medication?

The World Health Organisation has launched a new app to help people who take prescribed medication be more involved in their care. The app identifies five moments when patients should ask five critical questions about their prescribed medications. The ‘5 Moments for Medication Safety’ are the key moments where action by the patient or caregiver can greatly reduce the risk of harm associated with the use of their medication/s. Each moment includes 5 critical questions for reflection and require some help from a health professional. The questions are as shown below….

1. Starting a medication

What is the name of this medication and what is it for?
What are the risks and possible side-effects?
Is there another way of treating my condition?
Have I told my health professional about my allergies and other health conditions?
How should I store this medication?

2. Taking my medication
When should I take this medication and how much should I take each time?
How should I take the medication?
Is there anything related to food and drink that I should know while taking this medication?
What should I do if I miss a dose of this medication?
What should I do if I have side-effects?

3. Adding a medication
Do I really need any other medication?
Have I told my health professional about the medications I am already taking?
Can this medication interact with my other medications?
What should I do if I suspect an interaction?
Will I be able to manage multiple medications correctly?

4. Reviewing a medication
Do I keep a list of all my medications?
How long should I take each medication?
Am I taking any medications I no longer need?
Does a health professional check my medications regularly?
How often should my medications be reviewed?

5. Stopping a medication 
When should I stop each medication?
Should any of my medications not be stopped suddenly?
What should I do if I run out of medication?
If I have to stop my medication due to an unwanted effect, where should I report this?
What should I do with leftover or expired medications?

You can download the WHO medsafe app from Google Play or the App Store. Or if you prefer a paper copy please click on the button below.

Please click here for more information

Patient and Public Voice Expert Advisers needed 

NHS England and NHS Improvement South West are looking for eight people to join four committees as patient and public voice expert advisors for the Direct Commissioning directorate.

Applicants must want to make a difference and help ensure our commissioning is informed by those who use and care about our services so they are of the highest quality and safety. Applicants will bring some involvement experience, with a willingness to challenge and develop healthcare knowledge.
The Direct Commissioning team are responsible for planning and buying (commissioning) primary care (dental, pharmacy and optometry services), public health section 7a screening and immunisation and child health information (CHIS) services, specialised services and health care in prisons and secure settings.

PPV Expert Advisers can receive an involvement payment of £150 per day (for those people not representing or supported by an organisation) for an estimated time commitment of 10 days per year. This is in line with the NHS England Patient and Public Voice Expenses policy. Membership of the group is for 12 months initially, at which point membership will be reviewed.

For an information pack and details of how to apply please email england.swdirectcommissioning@nhs.net or call Lou Farbus on 07796 947074. The closing date for applications is 6 December 2019.

Click here for more information

Somerset VCSE State of the Sector survey

Somerset Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise Forum and Spark Somerset have just launched the second Somerset VCSE State of the Sector Survey.

The survey, which will be run every three years, gives VCSE organisations large and small an opportunity to tell us about their organisation, the great work they do, and any challenges they face. It explores key areas such as income and expenditure, volunteering and workforce and has become a valuable resource for the voluntary and community sector.

The first State of the Sector Survey was run in 2016, and the findings have proved invaluable for a range of activities, including lobbying and fundraising. In addition, they are used to inform local government and funders of the scale and impact of our sector. You can view the report here.

Your input is vital to ensure they understand fully the situation and views from the diverse range of charities, community groups and social purpose organisations working in our county.

You can take part in the survey here. To request a paper copy of the survey, click here. It closes on 14th January 2020.

As a thank you, everyone who participates in the survey will be entered into a draw to win a donation of £250 for their organisation*, courtesy of Somerset Community Foundation.

Thank you for your support.

*T&Cs apply

In response to feedback, the Engagement Team would like to share with you the details of important upcoming events for your diaries.

  •  16 January 2020Extraordinary Governing Body Meeting – time and venue to be confirmed
  • 30 January 2020 –  Governing Body Meeting, at Wynford House, Yeovil
  • 3 February 2020 Somerset Engagement & Advisory Group (SEAG), Bridgwater & Albion Rugby Football Club

For more information on the above events, please click here for Somerset CCG’s website.


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