Remembering ROF Bridgwater

Sedgemoor District Council together with South West Heritage Trust are holding 2 reminiscence days at the 37 Club.

With Gravity progressing well we want to take some time to capture and preserve the history and the heritage of this once very important to Sedgemoor employer. SW Heritage Trust will assist in gathering the memories and stories which will then form a local archive.


We would be delighted if you could come along and join us and if you could spread the word about these 2 events among those that have worked there.


We will be meeting at the 37 Club on Saturday 9th November (10am-1pm) and on Wednesday 13th November (1-4pm). Tea/coffee and cake will be provided.


If you can be there please drop me an email, so we know roughly how many people we can expect at each event.

Kinga Grabarczyk


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