NHS Engagement Bulletin 2 October

Last week, Somerset CCG’s Engagement Team & Digital Team both attended Richard Huish College Freshers Fair, Taunton, to talk with young people about the range of health services available to them in Somerset. Further, the teams wished to gain a better understanding of how young people aged 16-19 would like the NHS to best communicate with them.

As you can see from the results of their survey, there was an overwhelmingly positive response to the use of social media as an effective platform for engaging with young people about their health. In particular, Instagram and Facebook seemed be popular choices for online communication, where young people are not only able to access information, but can also actively engage with healthcare service providers.

Both teams will now look to use the information gathered to enhance their use of social media as a tool in positively communicating with young people.


We are excited to reveal the new brand for our Somerset Integrated Urgent Care Service [IUCS] will be Meddcare Somerset. Although the IUCS is being rebranded, it will continue to be operated by Devon Doctors.

From the moment Devon Doctors assumed responsibility for provision of the county’s IUCS, we were keen to create a unique identity which would differentiate between our Devon and Somerset services and, moving forward, be recognised as a provider of high-quality urgent care.

Our next challenge is to raise awareness of our brand amongst our stakeholders. I am sure I can rely on all of you to support us in our efforts to ensure Meddcare Somerset becomes widely recognised as a provider of high-quality integrated urgent care in Somerset.

Should you have any further queries, please direct them to Devon Doctors comms lead, Damien Mills, via damien.mills@nhs.net.


The Taunton Men in Sheds (MIST), based on Belvedere Trading Estate are celebrating their first year anniversary. Having opened in  September 2018, thanks to National Lottery funding the Shed has grown massively during the year with now over 60 members.

Taunton Men in Sheds will be holding their first AGM at 4pm on Tuesday 22nd October 2019 at Compass Disability Services, Belvedere Trading Estate in Taunton.

Robin Powell, Chair said “we are very pleased with what we have achieved in the first year on the two days we are open. As we move forward we are looking to provide different types of sessions and we are delighted that we have received funding from National Lottery Awards for All to run sessions for young men and young shedders.”

If anyone would like more information on becoming a member of Taunton Men in Sheds they can be contacted through their Facebook page or at Compass Disability Services 01823 282823.

We want to encourage Somerset’s residents to get ready for winter early this year, by taking measures now to ensure they stay safe throughout the cold weather this winter.

Cold weather is a major risk factor for falls and traffic accidents and it can also aggravate existing health conditions, particularly respiratory disorders. It is therefore vitally important that you look after yourselves and each other by making preparations now, minimising the cold weather’s impact on you in the future.

Dr Ed Ford, Chair, Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group and local GP in Minehead has offered some #TopTips to help you #StayWellThisWinter:

* Tip 1: Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to help support your immune system. #5aDay #HealthyEating #StayWellSomerset

* Tip 2: Despite the cold weather, it’s still important to get out and exercise. If you don’t fancy going outside, think about joining a gym or getting some equipment you can use indoors. #StayWellSomerset #TopTips #StayWellThisWinter

* Tip 3: You should be heating your home to at least 18 degrees in the cold weather. Please make sure your elderly friends and relatives are heating their home properly, as they are most at risk of developing health problems from the cold. #StayWellSomerset

* Tip 4: Getting your flu jab is the best way to protect you and your family from the flu. Those most at risk (over 65s and those with long term conditions) are eligible for a free jab. For more information, please click here. #StayWellSomerset #FluFighters

* Tip 5 from Dr Ed Ford: If you notice the first signs of a winter illness coming on, please talk to your pharmacist. They can offer a range of medicines and support to help you make a quick and speedy recovery. #Don’tSufferInSilence #StayWellSomerset #PharmacyFirst #TopTips




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