Have you completed with your Voter Registration Form?

Have you completed with your Voter Registration Form?


All households across Sedgemoor will have received an annual voter registration form within the past month.  Although there has been a good response rate, many people have not yet confirmed their details, despite it being a legal requirement for SDC to collect the information.


If you have not returned your form or updated the details in any way residents will be seeing Electoral Services canvassers in their neighbourhood during October and November.


They will be making personal visits to each Sedgemoor property from which a form has not returned.  They will ask the householder to confirm the details held on the current Register of Electors and if no one is home they will post a calling card, asking you to call Electoral Services direct.


This is a costly way of collecting your details, so do not delay and return your form as soon as possible.  Thank you.


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