Coastal conference

Coastal Conference POSTER

The day will be a celebration of the 1st year of the CIM funded Somerset Wildlife Trust “Somerset’s Brilliant Coast” project.

There will be a series of great talks on different aspects of the Somerset coast including how it might be impacted by climate change and other environmental issues and what the Wildlife Trust and other partners are doing to better protect it. Our key note speaker is Prog Haslett from University of Wales (coastal geographer and climate change expert). As well as some inspirational insights into the special species and habitats we are blessed with, there will also be displays and stalls from various partners as well as a guest appearance of the ‘elephant in the room’ – made from plastic litter collected from local beaches!


We are also really keen to get people talking to each other about ways as individuals, stakeholders  and communities they can help ensure the coast is better protected and managed. We are going to be picking people’s brains for new ways we can engage the wider local community and will be looking for volunteers to sign up for various community projects over the coming year including:

ShoreSearch  – citizen science intertidal surveys

Coastal Ambassadors – recruiting volunteers to be our guardians of their nearest stretch of coast

Beach cleaning and support on how to make your coastal communities Plastic Free

SeaWatch (dolphin and porpoise) surveys


To find out more and register visit our website:

Or FaceBook page:

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