Anti-social behaviour


What can be done to address anti-social behaviour?  How can we help each other?

Did you know you can call Sedgemoor District Council or report it online or the Police?

Here are some interesting facts….

During 2018 and the first five months of 2019 Sedgemoor received one report of dog fouling, one report of urinating in public, one report of an abandoned vehicle, three reports of fly-tipping and one report of noise nuisance.

Avon and Somerset Police report one incident of anti-social behaviour in January 2018.

There is more reporting of anti-social behaviour on social media than either of the above official channels.

If it is not reported every time the problem will never disappear

If it is not reported officially the problem is deemed not to exist.

Here is a three page on-line form on the Sedgemoor District Council website to report an incident of anti-social behaviour.

Call 101 to report it to Avon & Somerset Police

Don’t delay, if you see it then do it today!

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